There are a lot of tools on the website that help you promote your listing, here you can get the low down on making sure you make the most of them

The Basics

Our websites offer lots of facilities to promote your business, whether you choose from our paid options of just our free ones. 

In order to make sure you get the most from the site no matter what kind of listing you have, it's worth bearing in mind some of these key points:


Use all the facilities available to write some details about your business. Keep the text succinct and descriptive to get your point across, generally people tune out quite quickly when faced with reams of text. Make use of the options for adding images, after all a picture says a thousand words!

Add in some descriptive and relevant keywords too. Although increasingly keywords are given less weight by internet search engines in determining rankings, they are still used and especially within our site search facilities.


On all directory search pages, the website allows visitors to narrow their search quickly with one-click filters on the right hand side. These are generated based on the category they are viewing and the information this uses is gained from the "Features" part of the listings.

All listings can benefit from ensuring they include all their specific features and be visible in the relevant search results, however only paid subscribers listings will show these on their page.

We are adding more and more features to the site all the time, and if you have any suggestions for some that we haven't included please get in touch and let us know


As above, price information helps our site visitors find exactly what they're looking for fast, and price is probably the biggest factor that they take into account. Under "Booking and Prices" be sure to add your rates, even if just a "from" rate will make sure your listing is included.

Using features to get found


You can add a tripadvisor widget to your listing to display under the "Reviews" tab. Find out more about how to do this here.


Find out more about the features for:

Premium Subscribers

Essential Subscribers