Step 1

Find your listings on TripAdvisor, the quickest way is to visit and search for your property name. If you can't find your property, you can add your business - see for more information.

Step 2

When on your listing page, scroll the the bottom of the page where you will see box titled "Management Resources". Click "Start Here - Visit Your Owners Centre"

Owners Centre

Step 3

On this page you want to click "Get this Widget", under "Promote Your Business"

Get this widget

Step 4

A popup box may appear at this stage but you can just close this. After that, change the Preferred size box to Wide - 468px and click "See a Preview"

Step 5

You will then get a pop up box displaying your widget code and a preview. Copy all the text in the box and paste it into your Tripadvisor widget code box under "Recommendations" on your listing control panel.

That's it!

Once you've Saved Changes, the widget will display under "Reviews" on your business listing.