Adding a Listing

I've noticed my business already has a listing, can I take ownership of this?
Yes you can. You'll need to contact us with some evidence that you represent the business and we will arrange for you to access the listing management section.

I have done a search for my address but the system can't find it, what should I do?
The address lookup is the prefferred method for us to get your address information, as not only does it ensure accurate postal information, but it allows us to get geographic coordinates to show you location on maps. However, if you can't find your address after clicking "Find My Address", simply click "Address Not Listed" at the bottom to manually fill out your details.
I've added a subscription listing and made payment, but my confirmation and invoice hasn't been emailed to me?
After you've made a payment we usually get a notifcation that the transaction has been completed a minute or so after you've submitted your details. At this point we will process your order and enable any features requested. If you still have not recieved an email after 10 minutes and you order still shows as "Processing" in My Orders, then please contact us.
I no longer have a "Free Listing" option
Every user is permitted one free listing, thereafter you will need to select a paid subscription if you wish to add further listings. There is no limit to how many subscriptions you can have at any time.

Managing Listings

My Google Maps location is incorrect
Usually, your map location is retrieved from the Royal Mail Postal Address database which is accurate in most cases. If you find this is not the case, we can tweak the location as need be if you contact us with a Google Maps link with the correct location marked, or ideally the exact Latitude and Longitude coordinates.

My Statistics information takes a long time to load, or not at all
The first time you retrieve stats data it can take up to 30 seconds to return the data, but should be much quicker thereafter. If you find this is not the case, or it doesn't seem to load at all, please contact us.

Upgrading and Renewing a Listing

Can I renew my listing early?
Absolutely. If you renew your listing with the same package for a subsequent time, your renewal will extend from the current expiry date. If you choose a different package, however, this will take effect immediately.