About Highlands is a new group of websites with the sole purpose of promoting everything our areas have to offer in the most efficient and professional way.

Joined-up Thinking

To achieve this we saw a need to eliminate certain perceived or traditional barriers of geography in tourism marketing and encourage areas to work together to showcase the best of the Highlands, in which everyone can benefit.

We recognised also that Scotland’s appeal is in part down to the diversity of attractions in relative close proximities and so each area retains a distinct and proud identity which any showcase would need to echo.

Social media channels have reflected a breakdown of barriers between people and business in the Highlands and will continue to do so as platforms mature and new technologies become more accessible and further reaching. For the tourism industry the power of social media represents a massive opportunity to reach a much larger audience than ever before, whilst at the same time represents new challenges and competition.

About Highlands knits together these elements of traditional physical mediums with new and emerging virtual and social technologies to create a consolidated, powerful and intelligent platform.

The Solution

We currently operate two websites; About Lochaber and About Oban, with plans to introduce several more portals over the coming years.

These sites showcase everything that makes these areas unique and appealing while ensuring that visitors are aware of what’s on offer in the rest of our beautiful country. You can find out more about how these sites operate together here.

Free Enterprise

We remain a fully independent private enterprise, operating as a section of Linnhe Creative; the company responsible for the research and development of the websites. This structure means we have an incredible agility in responding to markets and trends to maximise exposure, with no hidden affiliations or agendas and provide a sustainable, commercially viable marketing initiative with no dependency on scare public funding.