Our websites are built to allow our services to be tailored specifically to an area of the country.

This connected nature means that your presence on any on site can be visible to any visitor across all the sites. We do this by retrieving only relevant area information based on geographic location.


When it comes to adding your listing however there are a few things to note:

Your listing address should fall within either the "About Lochaber" or "About Oban" blue circles to be included in these websites.

If your address falls within the "About Highlands" circle, your listing will be visible, but not included in search results. This is because at the moment we are only marketing and promoting "About Lochaber" and "About Oban". However, you are encouraged to add a free listing with a view to be included right away in future developments. This is especially true if you fall within the planned roll out sites in the 2 year plan below.

Any other locations will not be visible at all.

At the moment http://abouthighlands.com acts only as a holding site.

Current website coverage 

Current Coverage Map

2 year roll out plan

Our plans to roll out further sites looks a bit like this. At the moment we have no firm time scales of when and in what order they will come on line, but do keep checking to find out of developments.

You can also express your interest in any of our current or planned developments by contacting us here.

1 - 2 year rollout plan